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Cimmaron Brittany Purchase Agreement - Contract

Remember a guarantee offers you a promise of genetics and instincts. Performance levels are a result of a combination of genetics and instincts, enhanced by your training efforts. Without training there are no guarantees of performance levels. This is our basic written guarantee.

This may be modified to meet mutually agreed upon terms.

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I. Whereas Christine Ward-Weber, d/b/a/ as Cimmaron Brittanys, 29681 County Road 99 | Ramah, Colorado 80832, is a breeder of Brittanys for show, field . Obedience and pets.
Whereas, ____________________________________of____________ is desirous of obtaining a Brittany as a _________________________________ Brittany. Therefore the parties agree to the following: Christine Ward-Weber releases a Brittany with an AKC# _________ for a price of _______________Dollars ($_____________________).

Christine Ward-Weber further states that said Brittany is of full and registered bloodlines from said sire and dam as indicated on the American Kennel Club registration papers. Christine Ward-Weber warranties said Brittany:

A) to be free from contagious diseases for (10) days from date of purchase, per veterinarian findings. B) to be of sound and stable temperament for said breed and environment. C) to be free of any congenital defects that will prevent said Brittany from fulfilling its role as stated above. D) to be free from Hip Displaysia, per O.F.A. (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals), prior to five (5) years of age. E) to have two normally descended testicles, if male, and sold for show, field or breeding stock.
Christine Ward-Weber takes full responsibility for the replacement of said Brittany if the above conditions do not hold true.
In the event that conditions "A" or "B" do no hold true said Brittany MUST be returned, a replacement puppy will be issue from the litter next after the return of said Brittany. In the event that condition "C", "D" or "E" do not hold true and said owners do not wish to return said Brittany, then after said Brittany is neutered and the American Kennel Club papers have been returned to Christine Ward-Weber, then a replacement puppy will be issued from the next litter with NO further claims to be made for registration, breeding or competition of said Brittany, by said owners. Said Brittany must not have been bred or all guarantees are void.

II. _____________________________________________agrees,

A) To return said Brittany for a replacement puppy, from next litter after return under the conditions of "I-3-A or B". B) Upon said Brittany becoming available for any reason, that written notice (certified return receipt request mail) shall be given Christine Ward-Weber and that Christine Ward-Weber shall have first option of purchase at a reasonable market price. Said option must be exercised in writing (certified return receipt request mail), within fifteen (15) days
C) To notify Christine Ward-Weber in the event of owner's change in address, breeding or death of said Brittany within thirty (30) days thereof. D) If sold as show potential said Brittany is deemed show-able after age two (2) years of age the said owners are not actively pursing said Brittanys show championship. Said owner then agree to be available to be shown (if said Brittany is used for hunting showing will be done during the off season) owner agrees to pay entries for said Brittany. Said Brittany will be handled by someone secured by Christine Ward-Weber, limited to twenty shows.E) agrees that said Brittany will not be bred prior to it’s second birthday and is OFA certified at the time of breeding. F) breeding of said animal voids the warranties for replacement. G) agrees to carry the Cimmaron surname.
III. Until such a time as said Brittany is paid for in full, Christine Ward-Weber will hold the will hold the registration papers. In the event that said Brittany is not paid for in full six (6) months Brittany will be Co-owned. In the event said Brittany is not paid for in full within twelve (12) months from date of purchase said Brittany and all moneys and and registration papers will revert to Christine Ward-Weber and said Brittany will be forthwith returned to Christine Ward-Weber. In the event said Brittany is killed or destroyed all moneys are still due Christine Ward-Weber.

All registration papers will be released within sixty (60) days in all cases from date of final payment. We now register the entire litter at one time and AKC will send you the AKC paper directly to you. I do this to ensure all puppies are fully registered. Registrations are completed & provided by CImmaron Brittanys.