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DC Cimmaron's Sierra Sunshine

DC Cimmaron's Sierra SunshineDC Cimmaron's Sierra Sunshine Sired by: FC Rimarda's Rebel Jac
Dam: Ch Cimmaron's Tapestry Rose' CDX
Breeder: Christine Ward-Weber
Owner: Hank & Dee Hartnek
"Sunny" was a bit on the independent side and I am not sure if the name Sunny fit her as well as Houdini might have.  From jumping of cliffs to balconies she seemed to have the nine lives of a cat and took a few extra years off all who knew here, but when she put it together for you is was one heck of a ride.  "Sunny" finished her show championship on the lead of her breeder, winning Best of Breed over several ranked specials, then went on to a group four in 100 degree heat. For anyone who knew her there was always a "Sunny" story to follow.  "Sunny" was laid to rest at 16 years of age,  She was Hank & Dee Hartnek's first competitor for show & field.