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Cimmaron Brittany and what you should know before you buy a Brittany

Brittan Puppy | So you are ready for a Brittany Puppy

Sylar has been bred to Travis / mid June 2032 ready Mid August
Prices are 1600.00
Deposits are $300.00 and are NON-REFUNDABLE!
so be sure before you place a deposit!

All potential owners need a phone interview before accepting a deposit. 720 448-4927

• Before you buy a puppy
• Crate training for you and your dog
• Things you need before you bring your puppy home
• More photos from our Brittany family about all you can do with your Brittany
•Sales Agreement (pdf)
•Sales Agreement (Competition homes)

Brittany pup on point Our puppies are whelped and weaned in our home for socialization and have complete supervision. All puppies are guaranteed. Adults are maintained in clean, heated indoor-outdoor runs, with some living as permanent house guests. Our main stock is permanent and once used for competition, becomes part of our on-site stock. We normally have three bitches of different ages along with two males. All of our stock has met the requirements for some type of competition. This helps determine the biddability and talent of our breeding stock. All breeding animals are OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certified.

7 week old puppies on point

Brittany Sunny Jean MarieThe majority of our breeding uses outside stud dogs as we breed to improve our base stock. The Brittany is a medium-sized dog, with a shoulder height of approximately 17 1/2-inches to 20 1/2-inches. The Brittany is an energetic dog, capable of hunting heavy cover and offering companionship on a cold and snowy night. They are quick and bright, and they love game. They are best maintained with a fenced yard.

The Brittany is good with children and a family lifestyle, but need an environment with some controls. Kissing Brittany PuppiesThey are full of life and although they mellow somewhat at around two or three years of age, Brittanys will remain active throughout most of their lifetime. Most of our Brittanys’ life spans range from 12 to 16 years. Many of our Brittanys can still compete up to the age of twelve.

More information & pictures about what our Brittanys can do with you